Coaching + Consulting

For Authors –  Experts – Transformational Agents 

  • Get Help to Select the Right Online Marketing Tools to Build Audience
  • Save Money and Avoid Costly Mistakes by Leveraging Experience
  • Get Help to Setup Lead Capture Funnels for Automated Growth
  • Stop Losing Time and Being Frustrated by Technology Details.
  • Online Coaching will Help You Make a Greater Impact with Less Effort

A little about me….

I have been an serial entrepreneur for over 25 years, including as sole owner of a company with over 8 million dollars in sales.  From this perspective I know the value of  being guided to success from someone who has already been there.

If you work independently as a consultant, small business person or innovator,  it can be difficult to see the forest from the trees,  particularly with all of the new “time saving”  technologies available.    My one on one coaching provides personal and business guidance to reach your goals with less effort.

As a gentle but firm coach, I provide the tools to help you  stretch and yet stay focused.   My coaching is designed to move from idea to profitability with less time and money spent.   The end goal is to make you more money in less time and realize the lifestyle you desire.

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