Google Hangouts for Marketing

Google Hangouts for Marketing

Google hangout is a valuable media tool for bringing an audience together online and interacting.   It allows a brand to have face to face conversation with ideal customers and build audience.   In a recent article in the video marketers guide some valuable ideas are provided on how to use google hangouts to build your brand.

“Google+ are an incredibly useful tool for the video marketer as they let you have a conversation face-to-face with your viewers by broadcasting a live video feed to your YouTube channel. You can have viewers join your hangout and talk with you directly or by reading their comments in the live chat feed beneath the video on YouTube.

Hangouts on Air Uses for Brands 

  • Gather testimonials: bring customers in to share their positive experiences with your brand.
  • Launch a product: have the team in the hangout to share thoughts and media and fans.
  • Spotlight a VIP: Introduce your fans to someone they look up to and respect and give them an opportunity to interact with that person.
  • Go behind the scenes: Give fans a live, inside look at what happens behind your videos while they’re being made. We did this ourselves yesterday to give you a glimpse of how Tim produces the Creator’s Tip videos:

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