I believe that  success in business leads to greater freedom and allows people to thrive.   Thats why my services in digital marketing and training are aimed at helping to scale up business with greater ease, reach more people and produce a much higher income level.

My education began in media communications back when large studio cameras were the only way to create video.   When Youtube emerged in 2006, I could see how online video combined with social media would provide massive opportunity for people to attract, educate and sell to a larger audience.

The focus of my work is to help people create media, marketing and online educational tools to attract and influence larger audiences.    The results I deliver  will grow your customer contact list and social following, the two most valuable assets for business today.    

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A Little About My Areas of Expertise:

–  Expert Copy Writer    Need to sell ice in Alaska?  I can help.

–  Video Content Producer… Specifically I write script, shoot and edit compelling video content to tell your story and attract customers

–  E- Mail Campaign Manager… I create e-mail  sequences that build customer relationships on auto-pilot

–  Social Media Campaigns…I grow your following quickly and then use social advertising campaigns to get in front of  a targeted audience

–  Print Offers … I develop offers that your clients will love to receive.   For print and online campaigns

–  Coaching and Consulting… I provide free help to an exclusive number of one on clients  Click to learn more

Interests: Competitive sports including: Skiing, Martial Arts, Bicycle racing, body building. Health, Fitness, Personal Excellence. Family, Friends, Community Involvement


  • Personally sold over 8 million dollars of Sales Contracts
  • Managed development of cutting edge digital marketing platforms
  • Operated a successful corporation employing over 50 individuals
  • Completed Competitive Graduate School Degree in Design
  • Raised over 300k of funds for political candidates and organizations